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The Villa 9215 AC/DC is newly released for the US market in 2018 and replaces the previous Villa models. It is the most advanced, trouble free composting toilet available for on grid or off-grid living.

The Villa 9215 is waterless and urine diverting.

The Villa 9215 will operate on either AC (standard household or on-grid), or DC (from battery or solar) power.

It features a single speed fan, with adapters for both AC and DC to support venting to 20 ft. An AC only fan conversion kit is available for longer vent lengths. Contact us for details.

The DC adapter cable uses a 5mmx20mm type FST  T2AL 250VAC fuse.
Include are all parts required for direct vent and drain application.(Venting matches US pipe sizing), 10 compostable bags, 1 waste container w/lid.

Child seat available as an accessory
Five year guarantee against all manufacturing defects. Three year guarantee on the fan.

Ship weight: 34 lbs. Box dimension: 18.5 x 23 x 27.75 inch
Easy to install. 

Capacity requirement for your DC power system will vary by location and installation. General requirements are as follows:Battery 60 to 75 amp.Cell size around 25 watts. Depending where you are in USA south smaller size north larger size.

For installation in locations what are not used for period of time, and power is not continual, we recommend that when closing your location, you place the lid on storage container to eliminate the need for ventilation. Upon return, remove the lid and restart the fan for proper ventilation.

The Separett Villa series overcome the 'visual acceptance' hurdle of changing toilet systems, as it looks very similar to a traditional water based toilet. Review our installation video for a complete review of the ease of installing the 9200 series urine diverting toilets. The units ships set for connection to DC power of battery. To convert for AC power - you simply unplug the DC lead from the fan and plug in the AC adapter - which is similar to that used for most portable electric devices.

Unboxing Video

Features Video

Installation Video - This video was done a few years back and is of the Villa 9200 model - so please refer to the above video for what is currently included in the Villa packaging. 

Acceptance of alternative toilets within building codes vary from town to town. We urge you to check with your local authorities regarding acceptance within your community and particular project.

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