Energy Storage | Battery - SimpliPhi | 3.5 Battery, 48V, 69Ah At C/20, LFP
Energy Storage | Battery - SimpliPhi | 3.5 Battery, 48V, 69Ah At C/20, LFP

SimpliPhi | 3.8 Battery, 48V, LFP

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The PHI 3.8™ kWh 60 Amp deep-cycle Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery is optimized with proprietary cell architecture, power electronics, BMS and assembly methods. It is modular, light- weight and scalable for installations that range from kWh to MWh. Provides power security and seamless integration of renewable and traditional sources of energy in conjunction with or independent of the grid: net zero, peak shaving, emergency back-up, portable and mobile.


  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) The safest Lithium Ion chemistry available. No cobalt, risk of thermal runaway or fire
  • Built-in Battery Management System
  • Built-in SB50 Anderson Connector
  • Compatible with all industry standard inverters and charge controllers
  • Maintenance-free. No ventillation, cooling or thermal regulation required
  • 10 year warranty

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  • Hi I live in Hawaii and would like to buy 2 of these batteries. Does the 10% discount apply and do you offer free shipping?

    10% discount does apply. I would have to get you a quote for shipping. We only include shipping for the lower 48.

  • Does installation orientation matter? Do I need to install upright or can they be laid on their side?

    They can be mounted with the terminals on the top or the side. They cannot be mounted upside down