DIG Living Wall Vertical Garden Savings Bundle

Easily build yourself the perfect living wall and save 20% with our DIG Living Wall Vertical Garden Bundle.

 The DIG Living Wall Vertical Garden Kit can be expanded to 65 pots. Our savings bundle will allow you to expand your DIG Living Wall Vertical Garden to 28 pots. You can add additional Modular Mounts, Pots, and Drip Expansion Accessories to expand to the full 65 plants.

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Bundle includes:

1x - DIG GLW08 Living Wall™ Modular Vertical Garden Kit with 8 Pots

20x - DIG 70-007 Modular Mounting Brackets

10x -  DIG 70-009S Small Vertical Garden Pots

10x - 70-010L Large Vertical Garden Pots

20x GLW-DE5 Drip Expansion Accessories Packs.