Green Champion: @sdorganicgarden


WeWentGreen: What persuaded you to start gardening?

@sdorganicgarden: Like many others the pandemic is what kick started my gardening adventure. I had wanted to start a garden for a while, but really felt motivated when the lockdowns began. The idea of growing my own food intrigued & exited me! 


WWG: What do you have to say to people who say “I don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden?”

@sdorganicgarden: You can grow food in the smallest spaces as long as there is adequate sunlight & access to water! I’ve grown lettuce, beans & jalapeños on my apartment balcony in pots. You can easily grow your own herbs & micro tomatoes in a sunny windowsill. Grow bags & buckets are great options to grow food in a small space without the long term commitment. The possibilities are really endless!


WWG: Do you compost?

@sdorganicgarden: I just started to compost a couple of months back. I’m experimenting with a cold compost milk crate system. It’s essentially stacked milk crates that I add my food scraps to & shift down as they fill up. The idea being that when the full crate reaches the bottom it will be broken down & hopefully resemble compost. It’s a work in progress & I still have a lot to learn! 
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WWG: How often do you have to water the plants?

@sdorganicgarden: Watering took a while for me to nail down. I have a pretty large garden with raised beds, grow bags & various types of pots which can make watering tricky. My raised beds get watered twice a week, I also use clay olla’s & straw mulch to keep the soil moist. Plants in pots & grow bags typically need more frequent watering, I suggest sticking a finger a few inches in the soil to check the moisture! Check out our blog post "How to Save Water in Your Home." 


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WWG: Do you use any natural pest repellant?

@sdorganicgarden: Yes! I’ve learned a lot about companion planting & using various plants as specific pest repellants since I started gardening. Planting mint to repel squirrels, daffodils to deter gophers & calendula as a trap crop for aphids. I’ve also learned that having a really bio diverse garden with different types of flowers & vegetables planted together helps to keep pest populations down. 

WWG: What are the easiest crops you can grow in small spaces?

@sdorganicgarden: Micro greens are probably the easiest to grow indoors & require very little space. Lettuce, carrots & radishes are fast & easy to grow in pots. Growing herbs is another great option!


WWG: What do you recommend, starting from seed or from seedling?

@sdorganicgarden: Either is just fine! If you don’t have the space to start seeds buying seedlings is perfectly fine & not to mention really fun! I personally like to start what I can from seed. I enjoy the process of watching the seed to harvest transformation & it saves me money over time. 


WWG: How do you plan ahead for a growing season?

@sdorganicgarden: I start with a general idea of what I want to grow. Looking through seed catalogs or visiting local nurseries is a fun way to create a plant wish list & narrow down specific varieties. Then I like to draw up a garden plan & figure out on paper the placement of everything. Knowing ahead of time what my budget is helps me not go overboard.


WWG: Any future plans?

@sdorganicgarden: So many! This year I plan to add up to 4 new raised beds & do a complete garden re-design of our lower garden area. We are going to diy the beds & create a really great new open layout. I also plan to launch a new small business centered around the garden which I can’t wait to share more of in the upcoming months! Click here to learn about "The Basics of Sustainable Gardening at Home."

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