Design the Perfect Sustainable Garden

Your health is important, and a sustainable garden allows you to take ownership of your health. Growing food in your own yard reduces the kind, and amount, of chemicals you put in your mouth. Growing our own food is not only healthy, but it’s also fun, and the food is tastier and fresher, and it brings us closer to nature!

Whether you live in a home with a large amount of space or in an apartment with a small outdoor space. It is possible to create a perfect sustainable garden that meets the needs of you and your family.

A sustainable garden doesn’t have to be an organic vegetable garden, it can be an ornamental garden too. A sustainable ornamental garden protects biodiversity and can provide a beautiful haven for bees and butterflies. Aside from attracting fauna, gardens also help improve the quality of our air, and can even help regulate the temperature of our home.

Below is some useful information to consider when designing your sustainable garden and a few products to help accomplish your goals and help you Go Green…

  • Choose your garden location and plants based on the amount of sunlight you receive in your chosen garden area or areas. Plan your garden according to the amount of sunlight your garden gets throughout the day. If you get too much sunlight, consider plants that love sunlight and require less water. Similarly, you can add plants that need more water in a shady or moist area in your garden. You should also plant taller plants in the back, medium-sized plants in between, and shorter ones in the front so they can enjoy equal amounts of sunlight. If your plants struggle to get sunlight, adding a raised garden bed will give your plants more sunlight as well as a good drainage system.
  • Choose native plants to create a sustainable and low maintenance garden. Native plants are the plants that will thrive in your weather conditions and soil. So you won’t have to put too much effort and other resources in order for them to thrive. Check your local nursery for more information on your zone and recommended plants. 
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  • Conserve water by designing your garden wisely. Plants that need more water can be planted in moist and shady areas under trees. Drought resistant plants require less water to thrive, so adding them to your garden means you don’t have to worry about watering them often. Drip irrigation is a good way to water your plants, it prevents overwatering and saves you some money. Since water drips slowly to the roots it prevents nutrients from washing out. You can install a drip irrigation system either above the soil surface or buried below the surface. Installing it closer to the roots will minimize evaporation. Get 20% off when you purchase our DIG Drip Irrigation Kit Savings Bundle…
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  • Lastly, make it unique. If you are considering container gardening, try re-using household items like old dishes, mugs, containers, etc. This will save you some money and reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill. Plus, you will end up with unique and fun pots.

Creating a sustainable garden is a great way to control what you eat, reduce your carbon footprint, and get closer to nature. But it is a commitment, sustainability is a lifestyle that needs persistence, practice, and patience. But all of your efforts will not go unnoticed, Mother Nature will reward you with both short term and long term rewards, Go Green…

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