5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Vertical Garden

1.You Can Grow Plants In A Limited Space

Love growing plants but don’t have space? You can't use that excuse anymore, consider setting up a Vertical garden, it is a great option if you are tight on space.

Vertical gardening is gaining more popularity in urban cities because of its convenience and space-saving benefits. Whether you want to grow food or you want a splash of colors and enjoy fresh flowers, all can be done using a vertical garden.

Growing your own food using a vertical garden is not that difficult with some planning and the right product. If you live in a warmer climate, you can keep your vertical garden system on the patio or porch. During winter just take it inside when it gets really cold. You will have your own fresh salads growing in your own kitchen.

2.Maintance And Accessibility

Since the vertical garden is “vertical” by design, it is easily accessible, you can easily harvest your vegetables by mostly standing up. It’s easy to check on your plants without getting yourself dirty.

Since your plants are off the ground, they will be safe from most of the pest infestation issues and weed issues faced by more traditional gardens. Because of the increased airflow leaves will dry faster and this will prevent fungus that thrives in moisture.

Another added benefit is that your plants will be cleaner because there won't be soil splashing or animals walking on your plants. And if you have a drip irrigation system installed in your vertical garden, you don’t even have to worry about watering.

Our DIG Living Wall Vertical Savings Bundle will allow you to start a vertical garden with 28 plants. You can add additional Modular Mounts, Pots, and Drip Expansion Accessories to expand to the full 65 plants so you can make your beautiful vertical garden as big as you want...


The best thing about the vertical garden is, you can actually move the garden without digging or pulling the plants out.

This is an added benefit when it comes to getting inadequate sunlight for the plants. You can place the vertical garden system according to the sunlight requirements of your plants. Unlike traditional gardening, where you have to plant according to sun exposure. For example, Herbs like Thai basil and watercress can be grown in less light. If your vertical garden gets medium light consider planting lettuce, rocket, basil, Bee Balm, cilantro, parsley, and chives. In full sun, you can grow cherry tomatoes, thyme, sage, rocket, and silverbeet.

Moving? No problem! a vertical garden can move with you.

Don’t feel like growing herbs this year and instead, want some color? Move your vertical garden from partial shade to full sun for growing some beautiful lavender plants. It’s that easy!

The Good Ideas English Composting Garden is a stacking, vertical, composting planter that provides you with the flexibility to create a garden 6 containers high that  can hold around 30 gallons of Flora...

4.Vertical Gardens Are Beautiful!


The vertical garden will add curb appeal to your outdoor garden, whether your garden is small or big, who doesn’t want a backyard oasis?

If you have a small yard, a vertical garden is the best way to add all those plants you want to grow without worrying about the space.

You have a big yard but don’t have privacy? Add a vertical garden wall, not only will you get your own natural green privacy screen it will add value to your home.

5.Give Back To Mother Nature

The vertical garden helps to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our dependency on industrial farming and introducing more air cleaning plants. It can also reduce your stress levels and help improve for your mental health.

By having a vertical garden you are giving back to nature by creating an inviting hang-out place for local wildlife.

In addition, if you choose to grow your own food you’re helping the environment by reducing the need for industrial farms while at the same time making yourself more self-sufficient.

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